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The Sound of One Hand Swinging


The air bit my right hand
An unforgiving cold
Clean and true
Eating the fingertips
No, keep it out
I’ve got two, I thought
Save one, risk the other
Wait, just wait
Keep walking

People, so many
Walking to and fro
Brushing my shoulders
Looking down, away
A pardon rare
No excuse me
No sorry
Places to go, go, go
Paths unmercifully blind

Watch for another
A naked hand, a sacrifice
In the land of pockets
And gauntlets
Accept the icy ache
A truth, uncomfortable
In a way its own reward
Wait, just wait
Keep walking

Bare flesh is obvious
Don’t look, don’t seek
Beware fancy plumage
And insincere smiles
A coward’s armor
Let them pass
In communal isolation
A sad irony to accept
Keep walking, just wait

See it there?
A pendulum of flesh
Kinda blue and worn
But open, not clenched
A stoic pain
A rebel witness
A bare hand swinging, waiting
Don’t wait
Stop. Wave.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/Peter Tarleton
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