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The Empty Flow


Sorrow, such sorrow, I have seen
In my eyes, in yours, in yours
A cold wind that blows through souls

Rips, tears away
Cuts clean our bonds, leaves
Leaves nothing, nothing except

An ache, deep
That stories fail to paint, fail to ease
Leaving war and no end, no end
Instead, our end

The lie no one sees, the lie
I breathe in, you too
It sits with us, sings, coddles
An embrace that breaks hearts

Then we run
From me, from you
Run run run
Away then, lost together
So close, hands touch
Yet never grasp

Blame me, you
Fear me, you
Hurt me, you
Lash, bite, keep at bay
Run away
To the temple of self
Sanctuary is lone

But… No, no
I won’t settle for alone
I say run
Run, run into the empty flow
Through the sharp nothing
Let it catch and claw

Gouge head, soul
Peel skin, crack bone
Pierce chest, spear heart
Catch there and hold
Our sinew stronger, stronger by far

Fill the hole
Bridge the gap
Turn it back, change the course
Move toward, not away
Pull together, sew
Trade empty for whole
Return home

Photo credit: “Enso” Wikimedia Commons
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