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The Course of Empire


“My power,” they announced
So ego raged
And the pyramids erected
And at the tip they ruled
And the base exploited
The trumpets declaring
War unending

“This is your place,” they commanded
So the women knelt
And obeyed every whim
And lead lives dimmed
And swallowed men’s sin
Equality dismissed
Dissension answered with a fist

“My sacred way,” they claimed
So laws were created
And White God sanctified
And holy word justified
And sinner lives devastated
Fear defining
Whose rights reigning

“My superiority,” they reasoned
So shackles were forged
And humans enslaved
And tribes destroyed
And families maimed
Always taking, never leaving
Nothing but scars remaining

“My ownership,” they demanded
So the trees were felled
And the rivers soured
And the oceans scoured
And values accessed
Currency defining
The importance of Everything

“My entertainment,” they applauded
So the animals were caged
And violence peddled
And shock worshiped
And sex warped
Pleasure feeding
The numbness of being

“The horror,” we cried
So our voices roared
And the volumed soared
And a unexpected chorus forged
And our minds are changed
“No more!” we are chanting
We want lives worth living

Photo credit: Thomas Cole, The Course of Empire: Destruction via Wikimedia Commons
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