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Places We Cannot Be


True love
Soul mate

I can scoff no longer at these words
A subtle fragrance lingers
When pondered
The scent undeniable

Surely explainable

Am I drunk—
A buzz of emotion that will pass?
Am I struck by blessed fate—
Heart’s doubt slain at last?

When my mind
Wanders the Plains of What If
Crosses the River of Why
There is no solace

You’re the first
And the last
As eye’s curtain draws open
And at sleep’s edge
I think of you

In my head but not my bed
I want to lie beside you
Watch your chest rise and fall
And fit to your curves
I want to be inside you
Your fingers digging into my back
My teeth on your neck

All we have is now
Let’s not squander it
What was, what will—
Places we cannot be

Photo credit: seaternity/flickr
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