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I bleed darkness
I’m not the escapist comfort that you seek
I’m your closeted nightmares, the static you can’t tune out
I’m not your spirit guide, your yoga partner
I’m your denied doubt

Fuck your namaste.

I’m not your manicured nails, your whitened teeth
Fuck your gated communities, your shopping malls
Your right angle dogma is geometric mortality

Fuck your huge plastic tits
Fuck your skinny lattes
Your deadwood ego-spawned reality
Your factory-ized life cycles

Fuck you and your soul-sick ways.

All I have is now and you steal it, turn it into a stillborn corpse
My days wasted building my tomb
Waking from your lullaby
Every fucking day

How dare I dissent
How dare I challenge
How dare I see the murder in your shiny din
How dare I bleed on your Mop and Glow floor

Fuck your blindness, your righteous god-book duvets.

The insanity normalized, packaged, marketed
To the children, the new cogs
Birth-to-death song
Deafeningly whispered in their ears

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  • Judy Ellis July 28, 2015, 12:59 pm

    Well Cabot, I’m not sure if I understand this, but I am disturbed over the ways of the world. It’s not the world , the world is a magnificent beautiful place, but it’s the people of evil, and greed and misused bought power, that have fucked it up. You knock faith in God , but it is what saves me from this greedy people created society. I live in this world for now, but I am not of this world as it is . And if it were not for my God, I would not have the life that I have. Trusting in my lord helps me to live in His care, love , mercy and joy. The world is not perfect , but I can over come it through my faith in that “God in the sky”. He is not in the sky, He is in me and everywhere . Don’t let the people in this world steal your joy or any good thing from your life

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