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The Push-Pull Heart


The door
It spins, spins
In they come, out they go
An un-stemmed flow
Too kind, too harsh?
Taker or Giver?
Either, or
The door is still ours

Trading day for night
Lonely moonlight
Waiting for dawn’s meadowlark
Among denizens of the dark
Thief, Wolf, Vampire
Any, all allowed
Into the fold
Across the threshold

Pieces of craved emotion
Scavenged remains
A patchwork quilt sewn
Of skin and stone
A habit, a routine
It betrays
Shackles needs to pain
Suffering the only gain

Welcomer, Banisher
So beats
The push-pull heart
Things are good until they’re not
Reasons the same
A tidal pulse:
Make them stay
Keep them at bay

Close, closer, too close
Run and hide
A shelter, a retreat
From love’s steady beat
Check in
Check out
Absent’s violence
Wrapped in silence

Reasons for
Bowing to reasons not
The magic, the beauty lost
Counting the imagined cost
What becomes of the bird of desire
When a yearned need perches the heart?
Of which more is born
Balm or thorn?

Photo credit: Flickr/Dan4th Nicholas
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