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Of Faith and Maybe

Leaving a story, writing anew
By force or will, often a marriage
Spurred by an ache, a wound
A wicked blow, an itchy nag
Or hollow’s hunger
Because easy never inspires
And pleasure sings a lullaby
At best, short blessings
At worst, crippling lies
Only pain’s heralds keep life true, keep us moving
Strides and footfalls of Faith and Maybe
Over no bridge
Down no path
Just yes, yes, yes
To the land between Was and Is
A destination carried
Under ribs, between lungs
Its thumps pushing the world
Through four rooms of meaning
Story always wins, has always won
In micro and macro, for better and worse
Stories are human and humans are stories
Stories within stories within a Story
Character or author?
This, the hardest question
This, the hardest choice.
Photo Credit: LearningLark/Flickr
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