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November Letter

It’s been a long while—
The centuries of flow and mire
The illusion and denial
The wars and funeral pyres
The ashes of our desires
The fall of belief’s empires…

I see alchemy’s casters—
Pulling victories out of losses
Finding directions in the darkness
Divining grace from disaster
Giving silence a voice
Turning fate into choice

I hear singing—
In notes blue and bleeding
From wounds deep are spilling
Truths without floors or ceilings
In howls come the barred teeth lyrics
Tearing at the blind crimes we all mimic

I inhale memories—
Immune to context and the passage of ages
From habit’s holding patterns and mind’s parking lots
Sleeper scents pounce, connecting distant dots
In wait on forgotten packed away shirts
Lingers the sweat from shoveling lifetimes dirt

I feel others next to me—
There’s nothing as soothing
As the rise and fall of another’s breathing
The way touch bridges unseen chasms
Delivers belonging and orgasms
Conveys in ways words can’t fathom

In each instance a bell-ache tolls inside—
Somewhere in my chest a place hides
In this no-space, a ghost trace, a presence resides
Knows the struggle, knows the push-pull of life’s tides
Remembers, embraces all suffering as its own
As cause and effect, together we roam

Photo credit: Public domain/Vincent Van Gogh, “In the Orchard.’’ Pen transferred to lithograph. 1883.
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