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Anthem to the Apocalypse


When did this darkness take me?
Set a plate and feed me?
Sing me a song so sadly?
Turn my ignorance into ether?
Steal my eyelids, name me Truthreaper?

The blues turn to black
When I think too deeply
No words come easily
To describe this feeling
This sensation of descending

Where to begin?
Where to begin?
Walking the planet as an alien
The world I see
Makes no sense to me

Wearing a semblance of the unsanity
I’m pretending
Not to see what’s in front of me
The splendorous travesty
Of the lives we lead

Nod when they say everything’s fine
The design maturing like California wine
Embrace the mating of destruction to success
Disassociate means and consequence
Nothing’s wrong, carry on

Who’s sin?
Who’s sin?
Searching for reason within the din
Oh, don’t look in the mirror
You might see things clearer

Heretics, believers
Deniers, seers
The fighters and the sleepers
All just mayflies caught in the flow
Drowning in the moonlight glow

Ruled by hubris and ego
Unable to let go
Here come the death throes
Here come the death throes
So ends the story we’ve sewn

Photo Credit: Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland/Flickr – Día de los Muertos, José Guadalupe Posada (1851–1913)
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